PUGNATORIUS Limited is an independent legal practice based in Bangkok, Thailand. The law firm provides international corporations, investors and foreign law firms with premium legal and tax services relating to Thailand, Southeast Asia and offshore jurisdictions.

Clear-cut practice areas and strong core competences

The law firm is specialized in guiding foreign clients through the red-tape requirements, legal hurdles and tax considerations in these core practice areas:

  1. One-stop-solution for foreign direct investments in Thailand: Investment grade company formations, business licensing, BOI investment promotion, restructurings. PUGNATORIUS secures that foreign (minority) shareholders maintain full control and benefits in their Thailand corporation and estate.

  2. Real estate developments: Land purchase through foreign dominated Co., Ltd., secured lease structures, resort developments, etc. PUGNATORIUS ensures that the foreign investor becomes king of the castle in Thailand.

  3. Thai and international tax advice: Cross-border tax planning, international headquarters, asset protection for private clients, formation and tax-efficient use of offshore companies. PUGNATORIUS provides proficient international tax structuring in challenging times.

  4. Legal support for infrastructure, energy and agricultural projects: Solar power plants, wind energy farms, bio-gas, rubber tree investments. PUGNATORIUS offers cross-border one-stop-shopping-service as legal coordinator, lead counsel and juristic project manager involving tasks, time and cost management.

PUGNATORIUS is an ordinary member of the European Association for Business and Commerce, the umbrella organisation of the European chambers of commerce in Thailand. EABC is officially supported by the European Union.

PUGNATORIUS is Thailand's member firm of Justinian Lawyers and provides legal support and assistance within its global network.

Full-service international legal counselor - informed, equipped, mission-ready

PUGNATORIUS is able to assist with all aspects of these transactions, including structuring, due diligence, negotiating and drafting transaction documents, advising officers and directors on their fiduciary duties, and coordinating with business teams and any financial, accounting or other specialist advisor.

PUGNATORIUS is not only dedicated to engineering best legal practices. The law firm also provides unlimited professional confidentiality and secrecy, supported by military-grade end-to-end encryption.

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